Our Values

To survive and thrive we need to be mindful of protecting fragile minds, both young and old, respectfully nurture resilience in our children and restore dignity in the face of human suffering.

We believe that compassionate care is a professional obligation of clinicians and a key principle of vocational practice. Applied compassion is a foundational value of the therapeutic services we offer that prioritise respect, safety and freedom from shame:

Respectful care: It is fundamentally important when we feel fragile that our vulnerabilities are met with understanding, sensitivity and genuine warmth. Respectful care is part of the dignity of healing and at the heart of our therapeutic values.

Safety and trust: It is difficult to experience a sense of safety and security when overwhelmed by life’s difficulties or threatened by strong emotions. We recognise the crucial importance of nurturing safe and trusting relationships to grow healthy and strong minds.

Non-shaming practice: Life is difficult and challenging for almost everyone. Sadly, some of us feel deeply shamed by our own suffering and fearful of seeking help when most needed. Our intention is to relieve the shame often associated with human suffering by restoring the dignity and integrity of therapeutic healing.

Our Vision

We have endeavoured to create a community of practitioners in the service of healing human distress. This vision is based on a philosophical model of collaborative practice believed to be most optimal in creating the possibility of change. Communities of practice are seen as groups of people who share a concern and passion for something they do and learn how to do better in the spirit of collaboration. We believe that communities of practice are key to improving the lives of children, families and individuals.