Helen Cruthers

Helen has been working with children, young people and families over the last 20 years across different service settings as a counsellor, support worker, family coach, group facilitator and creative arts therapist. She is currently the Clinical Lead at a Fostering Agency working creatively using art and play with children who have suffered from trauma and neglect. She also has a lead role in delivering training to foster families on Parenting with PACE to promote understanding on how Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy can help to nurture bonding and attachment with children who have suffered from early development trauma and neglect. She is very passionate about finding creative ways to support parents in developing key therapeutic skills to become mind-minded parents.

Helen believes in the healing power of image making and finding creative ways to support children and young people express their hurt feelings where often words can’t be found. She has also worked in schools with children and their parents using art as the primary therapeutic tool for communicating distressing and painful feelings. She has a particular interest in working with children and young people who are in the care of the local authority and specialises in attachment and trauma.  Helen’s therapeutic approach is informed by Dyadic Developmental Practice, a therapy and parenting approach that uses what we know about attachment and trauma to help children and families together to heal and enjoy relationships.

Helen currently works with many adoptive and foster families, providing Attachment Aware Parent Consultation (AAPC). This approach endeavours to supports parents and carers’ to enhance their understanding of the complex needs of children who have suffered from multiple attachments disruptions, attachment loss and trauma. Helen works flexibly with families developing support packages based on the individual needs of each family. She is committed to finding ways to cultivate opportunities for connection, and strengthening the relational capacity for mutual enjoyment between children and their carers. Helen also designs and delivers workshops on developing positive parenting using the key principles of PACE as well as workshops in Creative Arts Therapy for children and young people.

Helen is registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and is a full member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).