Mary Dobbin

Mary is a warm, gentle and deeply caring Clinical Psychologist with over 25yrs experience working across surprisingly diverse professional settings from NHS Psychology Services through to a Parliamentary Office Manager in the House of Commons. She has extensive experience within the NHS in senior leadership roles; as Head of Rehabilitation Services in (Salford) and as Head of Adult Psychology (Mid-Sussex). In both these roles, she had the lead responsibility for providing training and consultation across a professional network including Health, Social Care, and Educational Professionals as well as reflective supervision of Trainee and Specialist Psychologists. Prior to planning a career break, Mary worked with adults and young people with severely complex psychological difficulties who often had long-standing trauma histories. She also has extensive experience of multi-disciplinary work leading to the development of a multi-disciplinary formulation process to inform assessment and intervention in complex cases, particularly work with early onset psychosis in young adults.

During a planned Sabbatical Mary worked for over three years as a Parliamentary Office Manager. This role encompassed political research, everyday case working for constituency issues though to specialist project work targeting raising awareness of long-term implications of prescribed drugs as well as being involved developing Council of Europe Campaign to prevent Sexual Violence against Children. Her evolving role in Parliament required finely tuned skills in negotiation with providers and commissioners in service development, financial planning and budget setting as well as the interpretation and delivery of government-led initiatives.

More recently, Mary was acting Clinical Director for BrightPiP Parent-Infant Psychological Service. This service has key links with the National Parent Infant Psychology Charity PIP UK and inputs to the All-Party Parliamentary Group 1001 Critical Days. While Mary was primarily responsible for overseeing the everyday running of the project and ensuring that funding streams remained buoyant to secure the provision of services, she was also very much involved in direct therapeutic work with pregnant mums, new parents and families.

This work has provided a strong platform for her growing research/clinical interest in the impact of early impaired bonding and early attachment disruptions on the organisation of the developing brain. She is currently working towards developing non-for-profit parent-infant mental health services in Sussex with the support of a small multi-disciplinary team and our Patron. In her private practice, Mary works across the lifespan but has a special interest in working with pregnant mums, new parents, children and their families. She also has a particular interest in working with individuals who have suffered from trauma and who are struggling with the legacy of neglect and abuse.

Mary has undertaken extensive professional development and additional specialist training since originally qualifying. She seeks to integrate current therapeutic knowledge and practice with contemporary neuroscience research. More recently, she has completed practitioner training in EMDR and is currently undertaking Neurosequential practitioner training at the Child Trauma Academy alongside Video Interactive Guidance (VIG).

Mary is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and full Chartered with the British Psychological Society (BPS).