Olivia Volou

Olivia was an exceptionally accomplished musician who worked in Athens before undertaking a Master’s in Music Therapy in the UK. She was inspired to train as a music therapist after working voluntarily in Athens helping children in a rehabilitation centre with various neurological conditions. In her role as a Music Therapist, she has gained experience across a wide variety of settings including the NHS and residential settings with children, young people and adults with communication problems, learning difficulties, autism and neurological injuries. She has also worked both in schools and in the community with children who have experienced traumatic loss through bereavement or attachment disruptions or witnessed frightening events such as domestic violence.   

With sound being the first language, Olivia believes we are naturally attuned to melodic rhythms and naturally responsive to musical sounds. In her work, she helps children and adults explore the tempo and rhythm of painful feelings through different musical instruments. Musical interactions also help in the exploration of deeper feelings where sound replaces words and rhythm allows for moments of restorative action through tentative musical interactions improvising with different instruments. These small musical interactions, where the therapeutic relationship is forged through the tempo and rhythm of our inner voice, are often moments of deep healing, says Olivia. Her soft and gentle approach facilitates the exploration of musical patterns which allows her to work around the edges of a person’s relational sensitivities, through rhythmic alterations in tempo and melody and relational improvisation.

Olivia is a fully accredited Music Therapist with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and fully registered with the British Association of Music Therapy (BAMT).